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Welcome all book clubs!

I'm excited to have you visit my webpage. I have been fortunate to have a number of book clubs read my books, and I have personally visited with several of them to answer their questions and discuss the process of writing and storytelling. Some of the questions members ask me include:

  • How do I come up with my ideas?

  • How do I research something I know nothing about?

  • How do I balance an active life with writing?

  • Do I actually believe in ghosts?

  • What types of books do I like to read?

If you are a member of a book club, I hope you will consider my books for discussion. The "Old Maids of Mercer Island" books are especially good for women's clubs. Not only are the main characters all women (of a certain age), but each book explores a social issue you might be interested in discussing: sexual exploitation, bullying, mental health, and child molestation. I purposely include crimes that explore subjects like these to call attention to them and ask for help in alleviating them.

If you read an "Old Maids of Mercer Island" book, some of the things you might like to discuss with your book club are:

  • Are the lead characters believable?

  • How do you feel about older women taking the lead in books like this?

  • Did I successfully weave in the social issue in a way to call attention to it?

  • Is there anything readers can do to support these issues?

  • Have any members of the book club experienced things like bullying or exploitation?

  • Do you feel the paranormal aspects helped or hindered the story?

  • What elements did you find most amusing about the Old Maids stories.

Regardless of which book you pick, I'd be honored to share some time with you, either in person (if you're in the Seattle area) or through Zoom. Just email me, and we can set something up.

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