I've often wondered what it is about a good mystery that seems to capture my soul. After all, I'm not overly fond of puzzles or even mystery games. But I can spend hours lost in the twists and turns of a good mystery novel, TV show or movie. Perhaps it's the anticipation of the ultimate surprise ending. Or, the intellectual challenge of following the trail of clues. What I do know is that I require interesting and believable  characters and a storyline that engages me. And that's how I write.


No surprise there. I spent 35+ years as a nonprofit executive, writing to persuade people to support the cause(s) I held dear. I also teach 'story craft' through a local community college and have a freelance writing business (Lil Dog Communications) where I strive to help small businesses and nonprofits strengthen their messaging to attract new customers, donors and clients. It seems my soul is hooked on spinning stories to benefit others.


Now, I write for you.

My two dogs, Mango and Gracie, who are the inspiration for Mickey and Minnie in the Old Maids of Mercer Island mysteries.


I love dogs. No. That's an understatement. I care about dogs more than many people I know. I not only have two dogs of my own (a cat, too!) but I foster rescue dogs. So, there are often three dogs (and a cat) in my home. I'm really good at watching where I walk. 


When I began writing, I decided to include a dog as a main character in my novels whenever I could. So far, I've succeeded. A German Shepherd named Soldier in Grave Doubts. A Basset Hound named Grosvenor in the Giorgio Salvatori mysteries. And two miniature Dachshunds named Mickey and Minnie in the Old Maids of Mercer Island mysteries.


I believe 'my dog characters' provide not only a human quality to my stories (yes, I said that), but an added richness and depth. I hope you agree.


After spending so long in the nonprofit world, it's second nature to think in terms of exploring how to solve social problems. When I began Inn Keeping With Murder, the first book in the Old Maids of Mercer Island mysteries, I decided to use sex exploitation and black market adoption as the crimes someone might kill for. And then at the back of the book, I chose to use the book as a platform to give a call to action (CTA) so that others might consider lending a hand. When fans reacted positively, I decided to do it again, and again, exploring mental health, child abuse and bullying. In the upcoming third book in the Giorgio Salvatori mysteries, I come down hard on the cruelty of dog-fighting.

I believe whole-heartedly in the strength of the community that comes together to make a difference. I hope you will appreciate this aspect of my writing and explore how you might join a cause you believe in.


"I’ve re-read all of your books and know I’ll read them again. You’re a very gifted writer with lots of humor & action that I love. Can’t wait for each new book in both series."

                                                                                 H. R.


 "What a fun ride. There were so many things to love about this book it's hard to pin point one single character or event that stands out."                                                                                      M.M.

 "After reading Mass Murder, I immediately downloaded the second book. I'm loving this Author."                                 D.K. 

"Lynn’s books are exceptional. The characters are intriguing. Really friends, if you haven’t given her books a try, pick up any one of them, I recommend them all!"                                             T.Z.





to my website. Hope you find what you're looking for Enjoy.

“I write because, if I don't, my characters will murder me in my sleep.”
                                 ― Astrid Cruz


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