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I’m not a famous or bestselling author. Just an author retired from 35+ years in the nonprofit world writing and experimenting with new ways to entertain, educate, and inspire others. If you enjoy my books and/or website content, please consider supporting my work in one or more of the following ways. I'd be forever grateful.

Easy ways to support my work and help others to get in on the fun.

1.     Join my Street Team: Street Team members help me spread the word about my books by chatting the book up with family and friends and handing out book cards to people who might enjoy a good mystery. If you'd like to join my Street Team, let me know through the contact form.

2.     Leave a review: If you’ve read any of my books, please take a moment and go back and leave an honest review. This helps me more than you know.

3.     Tell people about my website: My website is now chock full of good content, including the “Let’s Talk About Murder” online interviews, blog posts on writing and behind-the-scenes investigation techniques, a glossary of terms, and more. Help me build my base of followers.

4.     Forward a newsletter: Forward either my author newsletter or the "Let's Talk About Murder" newsletter to a friend or family member and suggest they subscribe.

5.     Buy me a Pepsi: through the link below. I really do drink Pepsi while I write, so you’d be helping me maintain this very bad habit. Thank you so much.


Coming soon: a monthly subscription opportunity to gain even more content.

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