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Homelessness is a complex and pervasive problem across the country. In fact, more than 653,000 experienced homelessness in 2023, which constitutes a 12% increase. More than 28,000 were homeless right here in the Seattle area.


Since I work with a number of homeless agencies through my freelance writing company Lil Dog Communications, it seemed natural to frame the storyline for the sixth book in my Old Maids series around this issue, hoping to shine a light on the those who struggle everyday just to survive.

In truth, people find themselves homeless for a variety of reasons, including job loss, home foreclosure, addiction, mental health issues, post-traumatic stress, teen pregnancy, domestic violence, and more. When things like recessions, stock market losses, and pandemics threaten to upend our national economy in a heartbeat, thousands more of us truly are only a paycheck or two away from being homeless ourselves.

Why then do so many of us look down on those who struggle with poverty and homelessness? Why do we pass them by without a second thought?

While No Place Like Home for a Murder follows the Old Maids as they immerse themselves into the homeless environment in Seattle to catch a killer, the storyline also forces these upper middle-class women to see the homeless population through a new lens—one that helps restore a homeless person’s dignity even as they are forced to sleep on the ground or in a shelter.

If you enjoy a mystery novel that includes not only endearing and whacky characters, but focuses on a serious subject, be sure to check out No Place Like Home for a Murder coming January 19, 2024, to And don’t forget. Consider donating to or volunteering with a homeless shelter or organization near you. Your support really could change a life.

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